Rats and Cats
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            A dark, satirical comedy about a fallen star and broken dreams, Rats and Cats takes an incisive look at fame and our culture of obsession. A cautionary tale that reminds us - never meet your heroes.

            “Full credit goes to director Tony Rogers for coming up with such a professional film on which was obviously a miniscule budget.” David Stratton, Australian film critic.

            “Despite its low budget and unassuming style, Rats and Cats is a quietly

hilarious comedy with a mordant, deliciously dark sensibility driven by a witty script and richly inventive performances.” Film ink

            “I haven't had as much fun in a public space as I did at the screening of Rats and Cats; and so did the audience, laughing out aloud in ways that I thought were intelligent, and who picked up on the real jokes of it . …the most entertaining Australian film I have seen in a long time.” Professor Brian McFarlane, (author of The Encyclopedia of British Film).

Tony Rogers Filmmaker