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            A deadpan black comedy series that celebrates the small-time criminal underdogs shipped halfway around the world in the bizarre social experiment that was the birth of a nation.

            Bruce rewrites Australia's convict beginnings by taking the brutal historical facts, and rubbing them up against modern sensibilities, with a wry comic eye.

            The character, Bruce, is an ordinary guy who sees what a cruel joke the new colony really is.

            Stuck in a tent with an odd assortment of characters, it's just your ordinary Aussie sharehouse. The difference is their landlords; drunken and violent marines ruled by a sadistic Major, near-mutinous over a Governor pursuing extravagant flights of fancy.

            Our convicts face ludicrous impossibilities at every turn. And any wrong move could mean the cat o' nine tails or worse - the gallows.

            Tony Rogers, co-creator and director.

Tony Rogers Filmmaker